Want to grow your business?

College Funding Service Center (CFSC) can act as a back office for professionals who are interested in adding to their own scope of services. If you can answer “YES” to any of the following questions, then you may determine that our Affiliate Resources are a great fit for your practice:Team-Employee-Planners

  • Do you help families plan, financially?
  • Do you already have a professional business established?
  • Do you gain a new target market instantly without increasing marketing expenses?


Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Increased Number of Motivated Clients 
  • You set yourself apart by having a unique skill set.
  • Charge a fee for college academic planning without doing any of the work!
  • Marketing Materials Provided
  • CFSC Conducts Monthly Live Training
  • Complete Academic Planning Solution for your clients
  • Access to Engus (Our Proprietary Web Platform) 


Engus Web PortalEngus is where you access all embedded programs that assist in finding the college offering a balance of academic, social fit and financial affordability. Where they locate Financial Aid Awards Analysis, Get Monthly Teleconferences offering timely coaching advice for that month as well as the recordings from previous months. The system also automates emails turning the long list of steps into a more manageable list of steps for your clients.


In addition, College Funding Service Center provides resources that help make Affiliates look good! Just ask about CFSC’s proprietary database of previous award letters from colleges for reference purposes (The Awards Scrapbook), data verification session, college tracking list, college due date reports, guides to college visitation, interviews, monthly reminder guides, etc. 


For additional information on how you get started earning money as a CFSC Affiliate contact us.



Affiliates Access Engus by clicking here.