computer-1185626_1280College Selection is the most important part of the college process. We call it Student Positioning, selection of the right college for each individual student.

All colleges use a relatively new management position in the development of the incoming freshmen class called an Enrollment Manager. We have reversed engineered the Enrollment Manager goals into a college selection program exclusive to our college-bound student. Along with a consult by a professional counselor, families utilize our proprietary Student Positioning program to properly and effectively complete their college search.

College “Fit” is the goal of any fee-based college counselor. The norm is to select a college that fits the student academically and socially. In light of enrollment management, we have added a third criterion to the process of selecting a college: financial. Our goal, simply stated, is to find a college that fits the student academically and socially, as well as fitting the family financially. When you do all three, you will find a college which creates the best fit for everyone in the family. This process creates the best return on your investment for higher education goals of the entire family.

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