direction-1033278_1280Did you know? The average time to acquire a bachelor’s degree in the United States is north of six years!

Financial aid dissolves after four years. Count the loss of income from those two extra years during which the student is not pursuing their career, and the last two years can easily cost as much as the first four. Therefore, saving time through the Career Assessment also saves tens of thousands of dollars.

We use the same tools college counselors use for this part of the process. When a student is confident in their selection of a career, they’re confident in selecting their major, giving important clarity to the college search. Students begin by exploring their interests, values, skills and personality through a series of reliable and valid self-assessment instruments. They answer questions to see which occupations match who they are. They explore occupations that match their assessment results. Then they are able to explore salaries, job outlook, working conditions, schools offering occupations major.

This step is part of the college selection/student positioning program and is not normally done singularly.

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